Wynns – Cabernet Sauvignon – 2016 Release


Wynns – Cabernet Sauvignon

Barry Weinman: 20 July 2016

Wynns Black Label Cabernet is one of the most important wines in Australia’s wine history. A wine that has formed the backbone of many Australian cellars for over 50 years. According to James Halliday, the first Wynns Cabernet was released in 1954!

I have been fortunate enough to drink Wynns Cabernet back as far as the 1960 vintage (with a white label at the time) and can attest to their ability to age superbly.

John Riddoch was first released in 1982, and has gradually evolved in style over the subsequent decades. The current release is a very fine wine, with an alcohol level of only 13.5%.

The single vineyard wines are a relatively new phenomenon, with the Harold being first released in 2001. Other vineyards highlighted in previous years include Messenger, Johnson Block and Alex 88.

James Halliday gives more information on the history of Wynns, and the winery’s website provides a wealth of information.

Wines will be available on Wynnsday – 3rd August 2016


Wynns – Cabernet Sauvignon – “Black Label” – 2014 (18.5pts – $45). Chocolate/mint notes over ripe blackcurrant/raspberry fruit and hints of savoury oak. This is a powerful wine, with rich, textured fruit matched to fine, yet firm tannins. That said, the balance is noteworthy and the length commendable. Very approachable, yet guaranteed to live for years. An excellent black label, deserving of its reputation.

Wynns – Cabernet Sauvignon – Harold – 2013 – (18.5pts – $80). Quite a contrast to the black label. A lighter, fresher style that puts balance and poise ahead of opulence. Menthol, blackcurrant and savoury notes are balanced by fine acidity. The oak is only there for texture, allowing the fruit to shine. A feminine mid-weight wine that will cellar well for a decade or more. (13.0% alc).

Wynns – Cabernet Sauvignon – John Riddoch – 2013 (18.7pts – $130). In a similar style to the Black Label, however there is more restraint and elegance to the concentrated, high-quality fruit. Opens with raspberry and cassis notes on the nose. The palate is balanced, refined and elegant, with the tannins and oak providing depth rather than overt flavour. Souring plum-like acidity adds life and interest. A lovely red that is irresistible now, yet will age well for at least 10 years.