Taste of Tasmania- June 2014

Reviewed:  18th June 2014

It is easy to get a little myopic living and tasting in Western Australia. WA is capable of producing exquisite wines in a wide variety of styles. Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet and Shiraz all excel.

This combination of great wines and easy access to the wineries results in a lot of my reviews being about WA wines.

This tasting served as a timely reminder that, on the other side of the country, Tasmania is also producing superb wines. The Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs (and the sparkling wines based on these varieties) deserve their reputation as some of Australia’s finest.

As expected, the Dalrymple Pinot was excellent. It was the Rieslings however that really made me pay attention.


Parish Vineyard – Riesling – Coal River Valley – 2013 (18.5). Floral notes of lime blossom and musk-like perfume. The palate is tight, with the mineral-like acidity cutting through the citrus fruit. Excellent length and tremendous mouth-feel make for an outstanding wine. (RRP $30).

Glaetzer-Dixon Family Winemakers – Riesling – Überblanc – 2012 (18). A very fine wine with piercing acidity and minerality. That said, this has excellent texture, depth and mouth-feel. Will age well for many years.

Dalrymple – Pinot Noir – Pipers River – 2013 (18+). Sour plum, clove and cinnamon on the nose. The palate is firm and full, with quality fruit and winemaking evident, the oak serving to highlight the fruit rather than dominate it. It is on the finish where this wine stands out, with waves of fruit flavours evolving in the mouth for some time. Excellent wine and good value. (RRP $33).