Pinot Noir – New Release

Reviewed: February 14, 2014

The wines reviewed here are all worth a look.  If you love pinot, then the Shaw & Smith is an excellent wine.  If your budget is a little tight, then the Windy Peak is an authentic rendition at a bargain price.

For those of you that enjoyed the Whiz Bang shiraz, then the Duck Shoot pinot noir is the wine for you.  Made by the same team, this is a truly delicious wine that is a little richer and fuller than a typical pinot, but worthwhile all the same.


Shaw & Smith – Pinot Noir – 2012 (17.5 – 18).  Limpid.  Lovely, red fruits to the fore with hints of strawberry and supple spicy notes.  Not that dense, but then again, does not need to be.  With air, the fruit really built depth and structure.  A delicious pinot that will benefit from a few years in the cellar.

Le Cirque Wine Co – Pinot Noir – Duck Shoot – 2013 (17.2).  Deeper colour than the others reviewed here and weightier too.  This wine straddles the border between varietal pinot noir and dry red wine, but manages to fall on the right side.  That said, this is a supple wine that is round and gentle in the mouth.  Very easy to drink, with soft, plump, juicy fruit.  A good wine for those who have grown up on Australian shiraz.  ($16).

King Estate – Pinot Noir – 2011 (17.5).  Closed/restrained on the nose.  The palate is quite refined and elegant, to the point that you have to search to find the defining fruit characters.  That said, this is a lovely wine that has finesse and charm.  Opens to show cherry, spice and floral highlights.  The palate is finely textured, with souring fruit characters adding drive and intensity.  Will be a lovely drink over 3 – 5 years.

De Bortoli – Pinot Noir – Windy Peak – 2012 (17.5).  A smart wine that combines cherry fruit with subtle, savoury notes.  Good depth and intensity, though this is at the lighter end of the fruit spectrum.  Quite elegant, refined and delicious.  Here is a sub $20 pinot that is worth trying.  ($15)!