Plantagenet Winery: Wyjup Collection: Spring 2023

Plantagenet Winery: Wyjup Collection: Spring 2023

12th November 2023

I wrote about the changes at Plantagenet at this time last year and I was keen to see how the wines were evolving, as Mike Garland’s influence increased over time.
2022 was the first vintage where Mike was involved at every step of the process, and the riesling and malbec are the first wines to be released from this vintage.

The Wyjup range starts with the Blanc de Blanc from 2021. A high-quality sparkling wine, where the pristine chardonnay fruit has been preserved and is the defining feature. There is little in the way of secondary/autolytic characters, allowing the fruit to shine. Will be just as at home with richer foods as it would be as an aperitif.

The riesling and the chardonnay both stood out for their quality.

The 2021 pinot noir is a new-world style that is defined by the approachability of the cherry fruit. Delicious now, but will build depth and power with time in the cellar.
By contrast, the 2019 shiraz is dense, powerful and almost impenetrable at this point. It really needs a decade to hit its straps.

For me though, the two highlights of the new releases were the succulent 2022 Malbec and the age-worthy 2019 cabernet.


Plantagenet – Wyjup Collection – Riesling – 2022 is pretty and fragrant, with gentle savoury notes building around the edges. But it is on the palate where this wine shines. Not so much the flavours, but the amazing silky texture that envelops the senses, supported by fine lime acidity and supple minerality. An impressive wine. 12% alc, 95pts – $45.

Plantagenet – Wyjup Collection – Chardonnay – 2021. This is an impressive wine. Intense, powerful and compelling, with rich stone fruit characters complemented by complex winemaking inputs. The way this all comes together on the palate is quite brilliant. Whilst the rich winemaking notes stand out on the nose, there is a degree of restraint to the fruit, and the worked notes complement rather than dominate the flavours on the palate. The oak is fine and adds depth. Another year or two will really see this fill out, and five+ years in the cellar will do this no harm at all. 13% alc, 95pts – $80.

Plantagenet – Wyjup Collection – Malbec – 2022. Inky, briary and intense, this is a cracking wine stuffed full of high-quality juicy fruit, complemented by gentle savoury notes that add depth and complexity. Not overly dense or cloying, and is all the better for it, allowing the fruit to sit front and centre under the spotlight. Just so delicious, no aging required! If you see this on a wine-list, I recommend you try it. 14% alc. 94pts – $80.

Plantagenet – Wyjup Collection – Cabernet Sauvignon – 2019. First impressions are silky and fragrant, but this rapidly shuts down and the wine gets all dark and brooding. This is an intense, powerful wine that is built for the long haul. Having said that, at no time does this get harsh or aggressive. With patience, this will be a star. A complete wine. 14.0% alc. 95pts – $80.